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Summer Events Roundup!

Tabby here! The Axon team has been a little slow on blog updates recently, but we have good reason in the last month or so. We’ve been working really hard on Quench to get to the coveted alpha milestone, both to hit our own deadlines and because we were accepted into a couple of fantastic events in the past month. Now that they are wrapped up (mostly – I’ll get to that in a minute), I thought I’d share some photos and screenshots to get you all caught up. read more…

Here's some of the stuff we get up to. Work, play, conferences. Check out our flickr gallery for more.


In a once-lush land plagued by drought and pollution, tribes of animals band together as they struggle to save their home. Use the power of rain, quake, lightning, and wind to protect your herds as they make their way through desolate landscapes and confront the dark spirits of the past. It’s up to you to restore the land in this colourful, geometric puzzle game.

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