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Early Quench Footage

The semester has drawn to a close and our first demonstration of Quench is up on YouTube. This is mostly a tech demo, but it shows off many of the core features we’re aiming to expand on to build out the major game mechanics, so I’m proud to have this out and in the public eye. Enjoy!

Image by castillobg on Flickr, under the Creative Commons 2.0 Generic License.

Starling and Feathers for Flash CS6 Mobile UI

Recently I’ve been working on an iPad app at my second (third?) job, and I wanted to share some of the stuff I learned about Flash UI design, particularly for those working in Flash Professional CS6.

Adobe hasn’t done the most excellent job with creating components or built-in classes for some really important UI standbys (scrollbars, I’m looking at you) so I went looking for some alternatives. What I ended up going with is a quite excellent open-source UI library called Feathers, which runs on the also open-source Starling framework.


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