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Summer Events Roundup!

Tabby here! The Axon team has been a little slow on blog updates recently, but we have good reason in the last month or so. We’ve been working really hard on Quench to get to the coveted alpha milestone, both to hit our own deadlines and because we were accepted into a couple of fantastic […]

Dev Blog: Lighting Fires

Since entering into production for Quench, we’ve been building out all of the gameplay by making the world much more dynamic and complex than our prototype ever was. Not only can you use your rain power to create water and bring the map to life, but wind is able to shift sands to uncover hidden […]

TOJam Tentacular!

TOJam 10, possibly our favourite jam event in the city, just ran last week. James and I (Jeff) were lucky enough to be able to participate this year and we wanted to be able to give some nuggets of wisdom from the professional gamedev world to some students in the Humber Game Programming program that […]

Forest Creatures & Anatomical Features

This week I thought I’d tell everyone a little bit about the background of the Axon artists/designers, including myself (Tabby), and talk about a recent event we participated in. Kristina, Albert and I all graduated from the Biomedical Communications Master’s program at the University of Toronto, back in 2010. Cool, you’re thinking, but what the […]

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