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Dev Blog: Virtually Skinning Virtual Elephants

This is Albert Fung, and I’m responsible for generating the 3D models in the upcoming Quench game. I’d like to start with an overview of our 3D workflow. Generally speaking, I would receive concept sketches and pre-production specifications from our team members, and start building rough 3D models in Cinema4D, our choice of 3D production […]

A New Name, A New Home

As you may have noticed, a lot has happened around here lately! Today we’re re-launching our website and company with a brand-new name: Axon Interactive Inc. (yes, we’re incorporated now!) But the website and our name aren’t the only thing that’s changed. We also moved into our first office, which has been a long process […]

Quench Trailer

March and April were spent bringing Quench up to snuff for the Level Up Showcase and the capstone presentation for Jeff and James. Check out our first trailer and opening scene! (For those interested, Jeff was also interviewed after Level Up, and you can read that interview here).

Early Quench Footage

The semester has drawn to a close and our first demonstration of Quench is up on YouTube. This is mostly a tech demo, but it shows off many of the core features we’re aiming to expand on to build out the major game mechanics, so I’m proud to have this out and in the public […]

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