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A Sea of Hexels

We’ve been working on the Quench pipeline tools for a couple of months now, and despite the apparently endless barrage of school assignments that keep slowing things down, we’ve managed to reach our first major milestone! As I mentioned in this post, our plan has been to closely integrate a hex-based pixel art editor called […]

A Thirst for Quench

As school starts up again for the year (my final year!) my attention has been focused upon the project of grand scale that lays before me: my capstone. The project that no teacher at Humber will let you forget from the first moment you sit down in a classroom. It is intended to be your […]

The Game Triforce

I want to break down game development from a specifically programming perspective. So, let’s talk about this thing we’ve been kicking around the office, which we’re calling “The Game Triforce.” The Game Triforce consists of three distinct parts: Control, Display and Timekeeping.

Flash Devs FTW!

About a month ago I posted a little survey to a few sites to see if I could gather some data about Flash developers for an upcoming class I’m teaching. I left the survey open to any dev who wanted to take it, but since I was focusing on Flash in particular, the majority of […]

TOJam: The Sevening!

Our latest outing was TOJam: The Sevening! The 7th iteration of it’s kind, this year’s TOJam (that is “T.O. Jam”, pronounced “Toe Jam”) was a game jam that hosted an awesome 410 people, making a dizzying number of games with only one long-weekend to do it. Since it’s not a competition, there’s just a pervasive […]

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