I <3 IKEA!

I <3 IKEA! is a love letter in the shape of a game to the best Swedish furniture outlet in the world. Last as long as you can and preserve your budget by jumping and ducking to avoid iconic IKEA furniture and accessories. Keep an eye out for the IKEA monkey!

I <3 IKEA! was originally created for TOJam: Party Like It’s 19TOJam9 using the Unity game engine. While we did produce a playable game at TOJam 9, I <3 IKEA! is undergoing further development and a new version will be released soon.

Project Partners

I <3 IKEA! is a co-production between members of Axon and a couple of friends. In addition to the Axon team, I <3 IKEA! is built by Andrew Stoneburgh (Programming), Ricardo Hyde (Programming), and Marty Bernie (Music).