Pain Education Interprofessional Resource

The Pain Education Interprofessional Resource (PEIR) is an e-learning tool that teaches health care providers about comprehensive pain management, pain misbeliefs and interprofessional skills for managing patient pain.

In 2013, we joined the PEIR project near the end of its prototype phase in order to implement a navigation strategy, finish its programming and add in new modules including the Knowledge Translation (KT) Portfolio and KT Plan. We also designed a comparative scorecard so students and teachers could assess an individual’s improvement over the course of the program. The original PEIR program was created in Flash and ActionScript3.

In 2014 we were tasked with re-developing the PEIR program in HTML5 and AngularJS for use in the classroom. The above images reflect this newly-developed version of the program.

Bridge API

PEIR is built on top of Axon’s open-source API framework, Bridge (developed originally for this project). Bridge is an API framework and user registration server written in Node.js. It provides the essentials needed for every major website backend/database and makes constructing a custom API to meet the needs of any given set of requirements faster and more secure. It handles user registration, email notifications and password resets, and provides PDF generation and Excel report generation functions to address common client feature requests.

Project Partners

The original PEIR program was designed and initially developed by Michelle Lui. Further front-end and back-end programming was completed by Brian Sutherland.