Quench is a story-driven puzzle game in which you use the powers of rain, wind, quake and lightning to interact with the world and the creatures in it. You must provide for your flock, open blocked paths, thwart enemies, and otherwise tend the land to make it lush and green again. Your objectives may range from shepherding animal herds through an area successfully, to fending off threats with the fury of the elements, to restoring the land’s beauty.

Quench is  inspired by uplifting and joyful classics such as The Lion King and Avatar: The Last Airbender and games like Journey and Okami. You will experience unique and wonderful environments, memorable characters, be awed by your own power, and be presented with a lesson: in order to make a better world, we must all do our part.

Quench is still under development. Although originally created for TOJam: The Sevening in Flash, we are now developing the game using the Unity engine.

Project Partners

The Axon team is comprised of Jeff Rose (Concept and Programming), Tabby Rose (Concept, Art Direction and Story), Kristina Neuman (2D Art), James Zinger (Programming) and Albert Fung (3D Art).

We have also sought support from Alex Bethke/Golden Gear, Inc. (Producer), Adam Sakiyama (Music and Sound), Bill Nyman (Level Design), and Randy Orenstein (3D Art).

Quench is made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

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