Summer Events Roundup!

Summer Events Roundup!

Tabby here! The Axon team has been a little slow on blog updates recently, but we have good reason in the last month or so. We’ve been working really hard on Quench to get to the coveted alpha milestone, both to hit our own deadlines and because we were accepted into a couple of fantastic events in the past month. Now that they are wrapped up (mostly – I’ll get to that in a minute), I thought I’d share some photos and screenshots to get you all caught up.

If you weren’t at either show, first order of business is: We have a brand new, shiny-as-heck demo! We’re not quite calling it an alpha milestone yet, but check out these screenshots (taken while people were playing the demo)!

Quench Screenshot 1 Quench Screenshot 3 Quench Screenshot 2

So, first up for events was Bit Bazaar 6, which took place on July 12 as part of the Pan Am Games at Ontario’s Celebration Zone. We had the great privilege of showing off our newest public demo alongside game-maker friends Golden Gear (Fate Tectonics), Damian Sommer (The Yawhg, Chesh and more), Numizmatic (Arcade Skidaddle), comic artist friends Love Love Hill (and Like Like Hump ;D) and Maiji, and a bunch of other really cool people.

To prepare for this special event, we created 20 hand-crafted elephant sculptures (shout out to Chantal Parent’s awesome mould-making/casting skills!) based on the models in the game and showcased the little herd at the table. (We have lots of progress photos for the elephants, but we’ll save that for another post!) We also made a bunch of other swag, which was pretty neat too.

Next up was Con Bravo from July 25-27 in Hamilton, ON. This was everyone at Axon’s very first Con Bravo, so we didn’t know what to expect, and man, were we happily surprised. It was a fantastic weekend – we had tons of people drop by to play Quench (which we had tweaked a bit based on feedback from the previous event) and we made a bunch of friends! Special shout-out to Cassie Chui, who expertly organized the indie game area and for giving everyone stamp cards to fill out as they played games over the weekend, and to Bret Measor, who runs GameDevDrinks in Hamilton every month.

Tabby and Jeff at the Bit Bazaar 6 boothSwag!Bit Bazaar 6 booth with JeffKids playing Quench at Bit Bazaar 6Alex and Rosemary, at the Fate Tectonics booth, our neighbours!Jeff explaining how to play at the Bit Bazaar 6 boothBit Bazaar 6Herd of elephant sculptures at Con BravoJeff and James explaining Quench to a player at Con Bravo.The Axon Team at Con Bravo!

So, onto our last event of the summer! We were invited to give a talk over at GameDevDrinks on August 19, so if you live in the GTHA, come on down, have a drink, play Quench and chat with us! We hope to see you there!

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