TOJam: The Sevening!

TOJam: The Sevening!

Our latest outing was TOJam: The Sevening! The 7th iteration of it’s kind, this year’s TOJam (that is “T.O. Jam”, pronounced “Toe Jam”) was a game jam that hosted an awesome 410 people, making a dizzying number of games with only one long-weekend to do it. Since it’s not a competition, there’s just a pervasive atmosphere of productivity and adrenaline and progress that really gets the blood flowing. We were all too happy to be there to ride on that wave.

The three of us (Bill, Tabby, and myself, Jeff) entered into the jam with Albert Fung, our distinguished 3D artist collaborator, and a new acquaintance of ours, Marty Bernie. Marty is an incredibly talented musician and we had an great time working with him. Our team of 5 worked together really well, and I think everyone involved is itching to work together again soon.

Throughout the weekend, we put together the foundation to what will be a really interesting game, which we call Quench. Since this year’s theme at TOJam was the world is not ending, we wanted to make something that really captures a feeling of life, protection and restoration; a blend of Okami and Minecraft, if you will. Quench is a game in which you play the role of a demigod charged with controlling nature. You must assist herds of animals as they trek back home, through a parched wasteland, to the safety of the Elder Tree. Only by protecting the herds on their pilgrimage will the Elder Tree have the strength to make the world green once again.

Wonderful concept aside, we had to cut a few corners to finish things up for a 3 day jam. There is a LOT to be done still, seeing as we only have the bare essentials up and running at this stage. We’ll be working on Quench in the coming months with the hope of releasing a more polished version for the TOJam Arcade. Keep an eye on our progress and give us a kick in the pants when you get the chance!

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